After two decades as the leader in innovation and quality construction in Los Cabos, Del Mar Development continues to stretch the boundaries of resort home design while raising the bar even higher with each new magnificent residence.  Del Mar Development relies on feedback from its more than 200 homeowners in the design process, which remains much the same, unhurried and meticulously thought out, with each home situated to maximize views and privacy.

As Espiritu expands along the coast, Del Mar Development is introducing a more transitional style of architecture – a step away from the heavy, Spanish ornate designs of the past – combining classic Mexican architecture with contemporary simplicity. This allows for more homeowner customization and freedom in interior design.

The emphasis remains on outdoor living, the highlight of life in Los Cabos, with interiors opening  seamlessly to the sea air. Pool decks are larger and outdoor living areas are enhanced for alfresco dining, outdoor movie screenings and large-scale entertaining.

Designs are also becoming more multi-generational to accommodate all ages from toddlers to grandparents, meaning homes are larger with more bedrooms, bunk rooms and detached guest casitas for large family gatherings. New designs reflect how homeowners spend their days and nights, sharing the Espiritu lifestyle with family and friends.